What are the must visit places in India?

 India has always been known as the land of exotica. It's an ancient civilization known for its diversity in people, cultures, traditions, landscapes and food. India is such a vast country that every time you travel from one state to another everything changes - the language, the people, the food and the landscape. They say once you travel to India, you will find it very difficult to leave. And once you leave, you will want yourself to come back again and again. 

 For a lot of matter, it's like going to another planet because everything is so drastically different from the world that many people are used to. Speaking of another planet, the day may not be far when we actually get to travel and live on Mars like this article states. But till that happens, let's visit the other option we have - India. Here are a few places in India that we highly recommend.  


Kerala is a small coastal state in the south of India. It's a popular tourist destination and is known for its beaches, rivers and spectacularly green landscape with coconut trees swaing gently to the sound of the sea waves. The state is used to tourists from all over the world so there are very good hotels across budgets. You must check out Fort Kochi which used to be an old Dutch settlement. Much of the buildings and architecture still tell stories of the Dutch era. You can even get to see the old Jewish synagogue which caters to a handful of Jews left in this part of the world. Outside the synagogue are many shops that sell antiques and handmade clothes that make for excellent novelty items for your friends back home. There is also an old spice market which has reportedly been around for centuries. 


When most people think of India, the first image that comes to their minds is probably that of Rajasthan. Elephants and women bedecked in jewellery walking down cobblestone streets of a sandcastle. Rajasthan is the place of dreams. With most of the state covered by deserts, it is a magical experience to travel through Rajasthan. With a legacy that has maharajas and tigers and folk musicians, it is difficult not to be awestruck by all that you here. Some of the old palaces have now been converted to luxury hotels so you can now experience a slice of royalty. Some of the places you must visit in Rajasthan include Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Japur, the capital city, is known for its rare stones and a visit to this place is incomplete without visiting a local jewellery shop. 


When you are done with the countryside, it might be a good idea to check out one of the busiest cities of India - Mumbai. This city by the sea is the commercial heart of the country. It's also the base of one of the largest film industries in the world - Bollywood. Bollywood is a multi-billion dollar industry like this article here states but don't be overwhelmed There have been reports of tourists walking down Colaba Causeway being approached to do a quick role in a Bollywood film so don't be surprised if you end up becoming a film star on your holiday!

To truly experience India you need a few months to travel within the country. And those who have that luxury of time will be rewarded. The northeast is a completely different part of the country with rainforests and ancient tribes that still retain much of their rituals. India is truly an addiction which is hard to overcome. 
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