5 Things to Do before You Start Writing an Essay
Monday, 17 December 2018

You have been given the assignment, and you are going to start writing soon. Breathe, just take a moment to breathe. Don’t be so hasty to produce this essay in a matter of hours. In order to write an essay, you need to be in the right headspace. You need to be relaxed and free from distractions. Let us break down five things to do in order to start writing.

One: Removing Distractions

When writing an essay, you want to be able to write knowing that you will be writing in peace. Start accessing the things or people that may cause you to derail your focus and starts planning a way to avoid them all together. It is extremely difficult when nearly everything can cause you to lose focus.

Two of the biggest distractors are that of cell phones and the internet. A quick tip is to get your research done ahead of time turn the internet off or your device that you are writing on to airplane mode and ditching them while you write. Put your phone away and work on that damn essay.

Two: Planning ahead and being Well Rested

Sleep is something that can really make or break your writing. When you burn the midnight oil, sometimes you create a masterpiece, but other times you create a piece of work riddled with errors. In saying that even being tired in general isn’t a good idea, it will hinder the process and only cause you to suffer as a result. Plan ahead as to how and when you are going to write the essay and ensure that you are well rested to write.
Sometimes you just want to scream “Help I can’t write my essay”. Fortunately, if you are stuck there is help available.

Three: Know What you are Writing and Research Ready

Knowing what you are writing about is an important step before writing your essay. You need to have some knowledge in order to write about it. Don’t start your essay without having done the appropriate work of checking the actual instructions, topic, rules,and restrictions. You need to know everything about the assignment in order to write the essay to the best of your ability.

Research is your next part of step three. You need to build on the knowledge of what the assignment is and find information on said topic. Your essay has a point to it, to argue, explain, discuss and/or understand the topic so now your research will build on this. Be sure to keep the research pertained to scholars or other peer-reviewed sources as you will be referencing it.

Four: Plan your essay

Okay so great, you are well rested, know the brief, know the expectations and now comes the next step which planning the essay. Take all the research and the brief and start mapping out what you are going to speak about and where. In this step, you are understanding how you will introduce the essay question and how you plan to answer or debate this topic. You will then go into depth in a series of paragraphs each pertaining to a separate point regarding the topic. Then the conclusion, how will you wrap up this entire essay in a satisfying conclusion. Now attempt to not be rigid and allow yourself to be flexible in regards to the plan. You may find when you write the essay you change the plan a bit but don’t deny change as sometimes during the process we come up with better ideas.
Planning what, how and when you will write your essay will help you stick to a schedule and you will finish the essay on time and within the schedule.
Five: Getting in the Zone

Well, do it if it helps to get you in the zone to write an essay. Except for murder, do not murder someone. Being in the right headspace will really help you plough through your essay and finish the first draft quickly. The first draft will always be the roughest of all the versions. Once it is over, however, you have time to edit it to your heart’s desire.

We all have our own process and techniques, so take this as suggestions. We hope these help you in some way write an amazing essay. Now go forth and make us proud, we believe in you kiddo!
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