7 Great Physics Inventions That Were Made In 2019
Monday, 18 November 2019

Each year witnesses incredible inventions in physics and 2019 was no different. The inventions have solved some of the mysteries that physicists have been struggling with for years.

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2019 has seen a lot of inventions in different fields. The most common is technology, but motor vehicle technology, drones, and space travel have stolen limelight. Here are inventions worth noting in 2019, with expected advancements.

  • Adaptive X-Box Controller

The gaming world has been trying to appear inclusive. Microsoft, in its attempt to boost inclusiveness, worked with Cerebral Palsy Foundation to create playing consuls that can be used by persons with coordination challenges. The resulting adaptive controller is making huge strides in the industry.

The adaptive X-Box controller is liked different parts of the body such that the movements are can be translated as soon as the player executes. The controller is easier to use for persons with movement or coordination issues. It has enhanced the accommodation of society into the gaming world and assisted them in improving their mortar skills.

  • LynQ

It is traumatic to lose a friend or relative during an event. Children are worse because they cannot call or walk to the location indicated. What if you had a way of reaching the person without relying on WIFI? LynQ is the perfect gadget for keeping in touch and tracing each other during events.

LynQ is not similar to Smartphone. It uses the compass model and will provide directions. This is the perfect solution to remain in touch with friends and family during vacations. It is a small gadget that can be concealed yet will serve you perfectly during such situations.

  • HabitAware

Everyone wishes he or she could kick out some bad habits at the opening of each year. The gadget is designed to build awareness so that you can raise awareness every time you take action. You can track patterns and even ditch phones if they are your bother.

HabitAware is customized to fit the needs of individual persons. You can set vibration strengths and even add other areas of interest. The gadget will help you to calm your mind in order to enjoy everyday life and also achieve set goals. It is one of the best inventions in 2019.

  • Solar Charged Jacket

Reflectors ensure that people can see you in the night. A company in the UK has made it possible for people to see you at night without using additional reflectors. They have a solar charged jacket that will come on in darkness. It comes with a fluorescent membrane that will absorb daylight for release at night in the form of Kryptonite energy. The invention is meant to keep you safe at night and in the dark.

The color makes it easier to spot even in pitch darkness. The jacket can be washed in any machine or at home alongside other laundry items. This is an invention that will transform work at night as well as save energy during nocturnal operations.

  • Thor-ET One

Tesla appears to have an edge in the manufacture of electric vehicles, but it has a competitor by the name Thor-ET One. They have released a truck that can carry 36,000 kilos over a distance of more than 300 kilometers. The semi-truck has automated charging, it aerodynamic and comes in a sleek-futuristic design. The amount of physics that has gone into creating this semi-truck will keep the world greener for centuries to come.

  • Phillips Somneo

Everyone wishes there was a better way of waking up in the morning. Phillips has found a solution. The Somneo is designed to enable you to avoid the traumatizing alarm clock that sends you scampering out of bed. It will provide the most natural process of waking up so that you can begin the day in a calm and positive manner.

The alarm clock simulates the rising of the sun. It is slow and will flood the room with sunrise-like light in a while. Your eyes and the rest of the body will have adapted to the ‘natural’ light by the time you are fully awake.

  • Gravity Jet Suit

This is an invention that turns you into one of the casts for Avengers. The suit allows you to fly literary from one location to the other. The suit is powered by a system providing 1050 horsepower. These mini-jet engines will allow you to get to a speed of 80kph. With enhanced safety features, people will be flying from one location to the other without having to depend on pilots or airplanes.

2019 was one of the most promising years in terms of inventions. Other research projects have progressed significantly and will have an incredible effect on physics-dependent gadgets. The inventions of 2019 point to a very fruitful 2019.

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