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Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facility centers are the typical workplaces for Certified Nursing Assistant. Their main work is to offer basic care to the patients present in these long-term caring centers.

What Makes CNA Test So Popular?

There are several reasons behind the growing popularity of CNA. Some of the most important ones are described below

1. Making a true difference - The workers get the opportunity to work for patients and also with the family members of the patients. They get an opportunity to improve many lives directly and in a positive way.
2. Scopes of specialization – CNAs are already a part of the medical world. Thus this helps them to start a specialization career in nursing. One can even study further to become an RN, i.e. a registered nurse or specialize in pediatric care or surgery. CNA enrolls a person into the world of healthcare so that they get enough time to decide on their future plans and progressions in a career.
3. Expense and affordability – Education are quite expensive in most parts of the world. The process of becoming a CNA requires taking community classes many of which are available for no cost. Becoming a CNA is a fast and cost-effective way to enter into the healthcare industry. CNA is not a degree rather a certification thus it can be completed in a very short time as compared to other education processes.
4. Job security and stability – The demand for a CNA is never ending in the health world thus the certification in this course leads to a highly stable job. This job is seeing a continuous growth with time. In the changing scenario of the medical world, this demand for CNAs is never going to decrease https://www.prepaway.org .
Reasons to Appears for CNA Test
  • The CNA certificate course is a short span course of only 3 months
  • The person opting for this course does not require a college degree
  • The CNA program which is approved is less costly
  • The outlook for employment in this field is great
  • The salary and other benefits are huge
  • The CNAs can choose the place where they want to carry out their duty
Switching jobs is easy
CNAs get the opportunity to directly take care of patients
The ultimate job satisfaction is quite high
The knowledge gained from this course lasts for a lifetime with the CNA.
Tips and Tricks to Pass CNA Test
1. The person appearing for the CNA test must read each question thoroughly with patience. They should not be in a hurry and consider they know the answer as this might lead to missing on necessary information enclosed in the question.
2. One should consider determining the answer before going through the options.
3. Spending much time on a single question is not recommended. It is best to mark the questions and if there is enough time left only then returns to it once the other questions are done.
4. If a person a prepared well for the exam the first answer that comes to the mind is normally correct. It is advised never to change the answer unless it involves any numerical calculations. One should consider reviewing calculations of the numerical questions for any computational mistakes.
5. The options like “never” and “always” are more likely to be incorrect.
6. One should consider solving one question at a time. Keeping stress away and having a positive attitude is really important.
Details of CNA Test
1. Writing Test
This part of the test normally comprises of multiple choice questions. However, some states include questions like reading comprehension. The topics included in the questions are
  • Nutrition
  • Restorative services
  • Hygiene
  • Appropriate workplace conduct
  • Infection control
The individuals appearing for this test often are asked questions related to psychosocial care like mental, spiritual, emotional, and cultural requirements of a patient. The test also includes questions that are necessary to test the ethical behavior of the candidates and their communication skill with the patients and the patient’s family members.
2. Skills test or clinical round
This portion of the test requires an appearing candidate to perform very common tasks. Some of these skill testing tasks are as follows
  • Dressing the patients
  • Bating, assisting patients in restroom and feeding
  • Recording blood pressure of a patient
  • Offering bedpan to patients in need of it
  • Taking catheter care
  • Assisting patients with several motion exercises
  • Personal experience of passing the CNA test
The course of CNA is quite challenging. Candidates taking part in CNA program must also appear for the CNA test to get a proper license to carry out this job.
The course for Certified Nursing Assistant exam is tough but passing the exam is comparatively easy if one follows some basic useful tips.
Few Best Resources for CNA Test
  • PrepAway.com
  • The Official NCSBN Website
  • Nursing Assistants Blog
Best Books for Assistance While Preparing for the CNA Test
1. Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants by LeighannRemmert and Sheila A. Sorrentino.
2. Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care by Jetta Fuzy and Hartman Publishing.
3. Lippincott’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants by Pamela Carter.
4. CNA Study Guide 2018 & 2019 by Prep Team and Certified Nurse Assistant.
5. Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants, 8th Edition by LeighannRemmert and Sheila A Sorrentino.
6. Skills and Techniques for the New Nursing Assistant Textbook by Barbara Gillogly.
7. Workbook and Competency Evaluation by LeighannRemmert and Sheila A. Sorrentino.
8. CNA Study Guide: Exam Preparation Review Book for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam
9. Nurse Assistant Training by American Red Cross
10. Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving
Confidence is gained purely through study and practice, and this multiplies when an aspirant passes the practice tests and is well versed with the study materials associated with CNA. On understanding the importance of the study materials and getting acquainted to them creates a health path towards the career of the aspirants as the main test can be passed with flying colors on being self-assured and independent.


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