Computers can Translate all kinds of languages well. Do our Children need to learn more languages in
Friday, 31 August 2018

You can find your place under the sun without knowing a foreign language. A huge number of specialists use only local vocabulary or computerized translation. This is enough for them. But why are there so many special courses? Why do people of different ages begin to learn foreign languages? Will our children need to do the same? Of course, each student has his own motivation, but it is possible to single out the main directions.


 1. Work

More and more domestic companies enter the international level, start cooperation with large organizations. Naturally, if you know a foreign language, your chances of getting a job in such an enterprise increase at times as well as the potential salary level.Learning a new languageis a must for enrollment to the international banks or branches of foreign companies.

2. Traveling

Knowledge of a foreign language at least at a basic level will let you feel much more comfortable abroad. If language proficiency is not confined to such phrases as ‘How to get to the airport?’ and ‘Book me a hotel room, please’, then you can also make new acquaintances and communicate with foreigners.

3. Emigration

If you plan to travel to another country for permanent residence in the near future, it is desirable to know the language of this state at a fairly good level. This will help you to adapt quickly to the new environment, find friends and get a job.

4. Communication

Our century is a century of possibilities. If earlier the person's circle of communication was limited mainly to relatives, classmates, colleagues and neighbors with whom we always can speak in our native language, the era of globalization has come now. In the literal sense, the whole world is opened to people. Nobody will forbid us to find foreign friends. To get acquainted with them, you can participate in a variety of international programs for young people, travel and simply explore the worldwide network. But of course, you will have to speak the language they understand.

5. Education

Many leading universities introduce a foreign language as an entrance examination for different specialties. In addition, often the curriculum includes some foreign language courses. Students are sent to study abroad after passing them.The training can be quite complicated, but this is not an excuse to give up on your aim. You always can ask for online homework help to deal with some difficult topics.

Participation in international youth exchange programs such as Work & Travelcan be an additional important bonus. These exchanges allow youto work and live in different countries, to get acquainted with their culture, to communicate with local youth.

And of course, the training in foreign colleges and universities can serve as the guarantee of asuccessful career. Diplomas of educational institutions of Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, other European countries are recognized all over the world.

You can get a grant or a scholarship to study at a university. It is necessary to win incontest arranged by the educational institution or some fund. Yes, it is not easy, but it is possible. Thousands of people use this opportunity.

In some countries, for example, in Sweden, France, Germany, education is free. For admission, you need to master the language of the chosenstate and pass the entrance exams well.

6. Other interests

Often it is the understanding of the culture of another country. If you love Italy, learn Italian. It will help to immerse yourself intolocal culture, history, traditions. Language is an instrument that helps to open the curtain to the country's heritage, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, the uniqueness of its environment.

Additional benefits of learning a second language

You will get some bonuses in addition to the indisputable main advantages which knowledge of foreign languages gives.
1. Expansion of information opportunities: literature necessary for professional activities may not have a translation into your native language.

2. Live acquaintance with music, films, books in the original. You can understand what your favorite foreign artist sings about, when you are studying languages. It is easier to feel the music and personality of the performer.

The ability to watch foreign films in its original language will allow you to listen to the voices of the actors and not the interpreter. You will be able to understand their humor or the play of words which are often lost in translation correctly. That is, you will catch exactly what the actor wanted to say and not what the translator heard.

You can easily read novelties of literature. After all, not all literary wealth is translated into language convenient to you. Even the most talented translator can't convey the full meaning of the writer's thoughts. It is very simple to verify this. Just compare two translations of the same book. Their dissimilarity can amaze! It is much better to read this work in the original.

3. Career growth. It is more or less possible to find a work in a specialtywithout asecond language. But the building a successful career is highly questionable. With the knowledge of foreign languages, you may not doubt that the employer will prefer you to the candidate ‘without a language’.

4. Personal bonuses: the development of analytical thinking, improving memory, mathematical abilities, increasing creativity.

According to studies, we begin to understand our own dialectbetter after learning a foreign language. The mechanism is simple: while developing basic language skills, we are learning to perceive the native culture easily.

We raise the level of our intellect. While we do not learn other languages, we do not need to analyze our own, that is, to delve into the meaning of words and phrases pronounced by us. We do not pay attention to how our thoughts are formed, how they turn into words, whether we correctly express our true ideas. When studying a foreign language, we begin to separate thoughts and words, discover the shades of their meanings.


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