How to Take Back Control of Your Life
Thursday, 25 June 2020

 An average modern-day life can be overwhelming. There are so many different things to do and so many things to achieve in life yet, we always find ourselves short of time or something holding up back in life. There is so much information to absorb and so many things to achieve that most of the people have lost control of their lives.

 However, there are some quite simple ways on how you can take back control of your life. How do you ask? Well, by taking up challenges in your life and discovering what you want to achieve in your life. Here are some tips on how to do that prepared by My Dissertations experts.

Your circle of concern and influence

According to Stephen Covey, there are two different circles of our lives. One if the ‘circle of concern’ while the other is the ‘circle of influence’. Your circle of concern includes all the things that you are concerned about in your life. These things can include your job, the economy of your country, your health, your environment and so on. 

There are quite many things in your circle of concern that are present there, but you cannot control them. Within your circle of concern, there is also a smaller circle. This circle is the 'circle of influence'. Your circle of influence includes all the things that you can directly influence. 

From these circles in life, two things can be deduced;

1. Focusing on things beyond your circle of influence is a waste of time and efforts as you cannot control things in that circle. 
2. By working on the things in the circle of influence, you can increase this smaller circle and get more things from your circle of concern to the circle of influence and gain back control of your life.

Challenge yourself

As discussed earlier, one way to gain control of your life is to increase the things in your circle of influence. This can be done by challenging yourself and doing things that you previously did not do. This will help you gain experience and do things that you did not did before and find yourself getting hold of your life. 
  • By challenging yourself, you focus your energy and attention specifically on the circle of influence 
  • You also tend to have specific goals in life which you can work and get control off 
  • You can also come up with plans and strategies to overcome your fears and challenges and grow your circular influence 
Here are some of the things in your life that you can challenge;
  • You can challenge yourself by setting up a six-month emergency financial fund 
  • You can work on yourself by dropping one negative habit that you have and then moving on to the next one step by step 
  • You can also challenge yourself by losing some weight and becoming more healthy 
One of the best areas that you can work on is on your fitness. By having an active lifestyle, and by working hard on your fitness, you can stay healthy and productive for longer. By being healthy and productive, you can achieve more goals that you dreamt of. To focus on your fitness, you can do the following things;
  • Have a morning walk 
  • Eat healthy and sleep on time 
  • Commute using your bicycle 
  • Hanging out with people that have healthy goals of yours 
We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you gain back control of your life. You must challenge yourself and increase your circle of influence. And as your circle of influence grow your circle of concern will decrease, and you will find yourself gaining back control of your life.


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