How to Write a Love Poem Like Most Famous Poets Do or Did
Saturday, 06 April 2019

 Is there a better way to show your feelings for someone than to write them a poem? Many famous lovers wrote poems throughout history, and it helped them to prove their affection for a particular person. Writing a poem sounds easy, but when you get to the actual writing, you realize that you can’t find the right words. That is why we have some tips that you should consider.

  •  Look into Your Soul

It sounds like a phrase, but you will need to connect with your soul to express your feelings. Make sure to set aside some time and sit down to think about what you feel about a particular person. For example, when you think about her, what goes through your mind? Do you remember how cute they look when they wake up in the morning? Do they have a particular feature you like, such as eyes, nose, or walk? Use any detail that triggers your feelings and do not be afraid to brainstorm verses on paper. Eventually, you will find something you can use.

It is always a smart option to include some nostalgia. When writing a love poem that should prove your affection for someone, try recalling how you met them. Did you immediately want to be with that person? Were you in a particular place? What was the location of your first date? Look back into memories regarding your first kiss, or anything else distinctive related to the first moment you spend together. Do not be afraid to go into details, especially if you think that the other person remembers them, too.
  • Use Comparisons
You can use comparisons in two ways when writing a love poem. First, you can use some touchy words to describe life before and after you met that person. It is a great tip for writing a poem as everyone likes to hear how they changed someone’s life for the better. Did you change your habits and become a different person? Are you proud of your today’s version that was inspired by them walking into your life? As for the other way to use comparisons, we are talking about using romantic ways to compare their features and attributes to describe them. Some basic examples are “your eyes are brighter than the sky,” or “you are prettier than the most beautiful flower,” but don’t be afraid to get creative.

One of the things that those who only start writing poems pay attention to is that the verses should rhyme. While that is one of the styles you may want to pursue, rhyming isn’t mandatory. You probably heard of haiku poetry, arguably the most famous style that rarely rhymes. The best thing you can do is not limit yourself. If the rhyme naturally comes to you, go with it. But if it doesn’t, it is still perfectly okay. The important thing is that you express your feelings in a romantic way. 
  • Use the Moments of Inspiration
It may take more than a minute or two to write a poem. You can sit down and think about the person that inspired you, and verses will come. However, if you don’t feel like you can complete the poem at the moment, make a break for a couple of hours or days. Also, if you suddenly feel a moment of inspiration, give your best to make some time for writing then. 
  • Read Famous Love Stories
Expanding your vocabulary in the area of love and emotions is essential, and the best way to do so is to read famous love stories. Many poem writing guides suggest it is the best way to get more comfortable with the genre. As for the authors, you can go for legendary writers like William Shakespeare, Mary Jo Salter, or Rita Dove. Alternatively, you can head online and look for poems written by less known or anonymous authors.

Writing love poems can be time-consuming. If you are a student, the chances are you won’t have enough time or motivation to complete academic tasks, which may be a problem when you encounter short deadlines. If you need to submit your paper soon, can do the job of writing. Whether you need an essay, thesis, or a literature review, you can buy the task at low rates. That will give you time to work on your love poems and stories.

People use different ways to prove their affection. That is why you can find many famous sculptures and paintings throughout the world. It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but writing poems is still incredibly popular. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to write what you feel about that person and express your feelings. If you are not sure about the result, how about sharing poems online? The readers will give you feedback, and you can perfect your work before giving it to your loved one to read.   
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