Job Interview Tips for College Students
Sunday, 01 December 2019

When you are a college student getting a job for you will be challenging. Because you have to balance between classes and other activities while maintaining your social interactions out of college. It could be very complicated even to find a while to arrange your interviews, so when you already have secured an interview, it is fundamental to make its best use.

You have to plan ahead of time so that you can be prepared for an interview on a brief notice. For planning ahead of time, you can try mock Interviews where they will give you guided training on college and career interviewing skills to set you up for academic and professional success. You can learn more about it from this link

Plan for The Interview in Advance

When you are managing your interview time, if you have classes that day, then you need to ensure that you have sufficient opportunity to go to your interview and come back from the interview before the class start. If you are going to the interview state from the class, you should mention that to your interviewer. If you think that if you get to the interview after the class ends, then it will be late, then it could be a great approach to ask your teacher as to whether you could leave a couple of moments earlier from the class for arriving at the meeting on schedule.

Contact Information of The Interviewer

Although it is essential to get yourself sufficient time to travel, in the environment of a college, it is not uncommon to encounter an unexpected obstacle. Maybe your class starts late, or a teacher needs to converse with you. On the off chance that something outside your ability to control occurs and because of that you are getting late for the interview, then it is great to have the contact information of your interviewer. So that you could inform them about your delay and the cause of it.

Be Polite, Professional, and Attentive

You can be tired after traveling from college to the interview site. Still, it does not matter how tired you are, you have to make an attempt to greet your interviewer politely, and you have to be active and looked interested during the interview process. You should be sociable and positive. Start the interview off on a positive note. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the job and the employer, and be ready to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

Some Extra Resume and Cover Letter

It is a great move to bring the printed copy of your resume and cover letter with you to the interview. You can also have some additional duplicates of your resume and cover letter since you might be interviewing with more than one individual. Think about bringing a photocopy of your transcript, in case you're meeting for an academy related position.

Appropriate Dress for Interview

When you are attending early morning classes at your college, you could get up from your bed and attend the class in your sleepwear. Meanwhile, if you have an early morning job interview, you can not go there casually, you have to make sure that you plan your dress according to professionalism. You have to look like a professional.

Keep The Phone Silent

Regardless of whether anyone says anything to you while you are messaging secretly in class, you can face some problems while you try to send a couple of massages while in an interview sneakily. If your cell phone were to ring or beep continuously during the interview, it can create a very diverting situation and indicates inadequately on your profile. So, if you do not want a red mark on your record, then you have to keep your phone in silent mode while you are at the interview.

Keep Track of Your Availability

As a student, you have a very tight schedule, and your interviewer also knows that, so you must keep track of your availability. It is essential to know when you can work and when you can not. You have to keep both the study and the work time in check. You have to present your timetable before the interviewers so that they can decide on your working hours.

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