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Report Writing With Unprejudiced Vocabulary to Avoid Bias
Thursday, 08 March 2018

A report can be defined as 'an account prepared for the benefit of others, especially one that provides information obtained through investigation and published in a newspaper or broadcast' according to Collins English Dictionary. A report written for academic purposes can be described similarly and each institute will have different requirements on the various sections which need to be included. Teachers and academics will agree that the main purpose of writing a report is to help present facts and figures rather than passing judgement on any specific subject. Due to their own inclinations or inadvertently some authors end up passively presenting a subject or person in a negative or positive light.


Distinguishing Biased Writing:

Bias is a tendency to characterise a subject with a predisposition without complete information. Stereotyping, favouritism, racism, sexism and discrimination are all different types of bias. Let us look at some examples of writing which contains bias and the language which should be used in report writing by a neutral report writing service. The first is the biased version and the second is the corrected version.

1.) Fu Lee, an exchange student from China, is obviously good at math.

2.) Fu Lee is a dedicated exchange student who performs well in math.

The first statement presumes that Chinese students are good at math. The next statement does not make any assumptions about mathematical performance with race.

1.) Remind everyone to bring his camera to the event.
2.) Remind everyone to bring their cameras to the event.
The first statement assumes that all participants are men. The second writing is gender neutral, neither men nor women are favoured in the report writing.
1.) Each driver needs to hand his keys in before leaving.
2.) Each driver needs to hand their keys in before leaving.
All the drivers in service are presupposed to be male. The second statement does not make any judgements about the gender of the drivers in service.
1.) Epileptics are advised not get on this ride.
2.) Individuals with epilepsy are advised not to get on this ride.
People should not be directly identified and referred to with the help of their disability in a report. The disability is a condition of the person not his identification.

Writing a Report with the Help of Appropriate Language:

The contents of a business or science report contains no room for writing that is opinionated, gender biased or humiliating to a certain ethnic group, race or unhealthy person. The report needs to provide the service of delivering information. The information should be presented in a logical manner in consideration to the audience of the report. It is not necessary that a report leave out the best facts and details for the last. On the contrary, the most important facts of the report need to be delivered first. The same report written without sensitivity to the appropriate use of language may not receive such an outstanding academic evaluation.


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