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SelfCAD The Ultimate 3D Design and Printing Solution for Schools
Sunday, 11 February 2018

SelfCAD is a user friendly,easy-to-learn, cloud-based 3D design and printing software package that has been designed specifically for use in the classroom setting. The software is rising in popularity with students across the globe; enabling them to effortlessly model, sculpt, slice, and print unique 3D models. The software boasts a comprehensive list of powerful and exciting features that will undoubtedly fuel and facilitate student creativity. In addition, SelfCAD’s blend of simplicity and functionality will ensure that learning in STEM is authentic, real-world and ultimately, worthwhile.

Check Out SelfCAD’s Awesome Features

i) Free for schools (one-year free trial)

ii) Intuitive and easy-to-use, especially for beginners

iii) Cloud-based, so can be run from any device, in any standard web browser, no installation required

iv) Start to finish, all in one design and 3D printing; producing a file that is ready to 3D print, without additional downloads

v) Numerous creation and modification tools

vi) Inbuilt, automatic shape, screw, nut, spiral and image generators

vii) Inbuilt slicing, so no need for an additional slicing tool when it comes to editing and preparing for 3D printing

viii) ‘Magic Fix’; a feature that will automatically fix mistakes in geometry or where facets of the design don’t quite line up

ix) Inbuilt objects and parts library

x) A partnership with MyMiniFactory; providing a database of already completed 3D printable designs, making thousands of 3D objects available for immediate printing.

xi) Ability to import models in .stl and .obj format from other 3D design programs

xii) 24/7 technical support

xiii) Simple and fun video tutorials available

Want to see how awesome SelfCAD is? Check out this Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry model, which was created by a high school student using SelfCAD.

How is SelfCAD Different from What’s Already Available?

SelfCAD is not designed for a high-level engineer or for large scale commercial ventures. Rather, it has been designed for the everyday user, especially students. Of course, there are other options out there, but one major point of difference is SelfCAD’s real-world authenticity.
Programs such as TinkerCad, for example,is often said to be limiting and overly simplistic; as in they don’t necessarily give students an authentic 3D design experience or prepare students to step up to more real-world CAD based design applications. SelfCAD, on the other hand, offers a far more genuine learning experience, while still being easy to use and suitable for the classroom setting.
As an article by 3D Printer Chat states, “SelfCAD is an interesting middle ground for people who are looking for something more advanced than TinkerCad and want an all in one place to design, slice, and print more advanced models with more control.”

Join the Long List of Schools Getting on Board with SelfCAD

For this reason, and many others, over a hundred schools have already chosen SelfCAD as the software package to drive their 3D design and printing programs. We encourage you do give it a go too! Visit us at for more information, or contact us via one of the options below:
Phone: (845) 459-0312
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @selfcad
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