Why Being A Freelance Programmer Is Awesome
Thursday, 12 September 2019

Imagine a life where all you need to make money is internet connectivity and a computer. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, there are many freelance programmers across the world, making a living from their computers because the digital world demands coders.

With more companies opting to outsource for most services, including programming being one of the most lucrative online jobs. The best part is, anyone can become a freelance programmer if they have the drive.

The best part about learning how to become a freelance programmer online is that there are no prerequisites needed. That means you can become a professional freelance programmer even without any history in programming.
There are several programming online courses that you can take and even get awarded with a valid certificate. Some are free, yet others are paid for, and there is no restriction as to how many courses you can take. You can also get more exposure to online coaching schools, YouTube videos, and blogs.
Through the right learning path method, you can adopt an advanced way of learning and become a professional faster than learning how to program in a real school. However, you'll need to ensure that you adopt a learning path from a trusted provider. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy from being a freelance programmer include;
More chances of employment
There are so many freelance programmers who are now employed with permanent jobs and are earning good money. Keep in mind that many organizations are results-oriented. If you do an excellent job as a freelancer, they will not mind pulling you in and make you part of their team.
Programmers earn good salaries but vary depending on the kind of employer and job specification. Note that there are various kinds of programmers like;
  • Front-end developers
  • Data analyst
  • Back-end developer
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer, and more.
You are not restricted to be any or all if you can manage.
Work at your comfort
Having a job for many people means waking up early and making the long commute to the office where they get to work for designated hours. Such a routine becomes tiresome because it restricts what you can do in your working days.
Freelance programmers don't have to go through all that. For them to work and get paid, they don't even have to leave their beds. Working from home has been confirmed to improve one's output. That is because of the comfort and lack of distractions and time-wasting like when commuting.
Also, a freelance programmer can get as much rest and sleep as they wish because they don't have a specific time for working. Becoming a freelancer also opens doors for a different lifestyle, like being a digital nomad or simply being able to travel the world freely and still earn money on the way. However, the situation can be slightly different if dealing with a client who needs their project fast.
You keep on growing your knowledge base
When a freelance programmer is not occupied by work, you will find him or her digging up for new things in the field. This is also the best time to perfect the area of weaknesses. Many programmers who got their skills online are used to a learning path, and in most cases, they continue to study when free.
Freelance programmers are behind some of the game-changing technologies because they are self-driven and hungry for breakthroughs. Programmers who are from college and land employment immediately find it hard to expand their knowledge base because they are dedicated to their employers.
You decide how much you want
If you have gone through the professional profiles belonging to freelance programmers, you will find that they don't worth the same. In many cases, these programmers get paid according to their expertise and quality when it comes to delivery.
There are big programming companies that were started by freelance programmers who had to hire other freelance programmers. The number of clients you serve is also not restricted if you are a freelancer. That means you can have more than three clients who pay well as long as you don't let them down and spoil the deal.
You become the boss
Unbelievably, you can come straight from earning a certificate in programming and become your boss. What makes this possible for programmers is that the digital world is nothing without programmers. Besides, everything is going digital, and this only makes competition harder across various industries.
This forces companies to seek freelance programmers because it is easier than having to invite applications, hold interviews, and train a new employee. Also, some skills are hard to come by in some geographical regions forcing employers to fish online. As you know, a freelancer can work for a company regardless of its location. Think about the power of some currencies from abroad.
You also become in charge of how much you want to communicate with your clients and employees if you have them. In many cases, emails are most preferred because they are internet-based, more reliable, and easy to follow up. Experts say that as a freelance programmer, you can limit the number of times you check your emails to keep on track.
Fewer expenses
Working from home means that you won't get the chance to move a lot unless amidst work. One thing with a lot of movements is that you can quickly end up using money easily. Form impulse buying and other expenses like parking fees or coffee, dipping your hands in your pocket is easy.
When at home, you avoid such temptations, and that saves you good money. Many freelancers avoid taxations as well, but that depends on your state.
Getting a good-paying job is not easy, but that does not mean that you cannot start your programming career online. You don't even need to invest so much on resources to learn to program because the internet and computers are readily available.
Because you are free to learn when you want, grasping the skills that you require for your specialization should take you a short time. What you will need is more practice, and that is one of the reasons why you should sign up as a freelancer the moment you begin perusing this career.
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